• Facility Management Services
  • Housekeeping Services
  • Hospital Management Services
  • Electrical & Engineering Maintenance
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  • Integrated Facilities management Company
  • Process and Systems driven approach
  • Pure services Company
  • Core competency – Facilities Management
  • Continuous focus on Improvement and Innovation
  • Complete Cross functional and Multi skilled approach
  • Flat, flexible and Interactive Organization
  • Self managed teams
  • Your expectations from a service provider:
  • A Housekeeping & Electromechanical services provider who can take day to day maintenance & upkeep part efficiently
  • A Professional Company which can consistently match and exceed your expectations in terms of quality, service and value.
  • Professionals who can address to and provide scientific solutions and innovative ways to make your property the best place to work/reside in.
  • One point source of contact for update and reporting
  • You rest assured and can concentrate on your core business without becoming involved with routine property issues.
  • Working arrangement – As we see and propose it:

Your Office  

Equator Property Managers Pvt. Ltd

All functions required under & for
Property & Facilities management

  • Working arrangement – As we see and propose it:
  • Key Benefits to you:
  • Free your key admin staff of hassles of managing and controlling on a day to day basis
  • Allows them to concentrate on other key business functions that may require immediate attention
  • Idea of “One Point Source of Contact” for reporting. Prevents you from chasing various service providers to get the work done
  • Our well defined systems and documentation for each function planned and executed allows you to check the efficiencies on line
  • Note on Statutory Compliance::
  • We strictly adhere to the statutory regulations laid down by the concerned authorities from time to time
  • Housekeeping & Technical Staff employed at your service to comply with uniform, ID cards and other upkeep systems.


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