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facilities-management: An idea in a Nutshell

This is a novel concept gaining acceptance as it is critical to maintenance of the property. Timely maintenance by professional Companies not only frees the clients of the property of day to day hassles of managing the environment but also enhances the value of the property on a larger canvass.

Property management services include manpower management (housekeeping service), Equipment management and maintenance (Electromechanical services) as well, Maintenance of health (Healthcare) and sports facilities and carrying out preventive maintenance of other critical functions.

Simply put, day to day management of the property & facilities on one simple principle – “A stitch in time saves nine”

As a Facility Management Company, our endeavor is to offer tailor made products & services to suit your preferences.

  • To explore an arrangement in the area of Housekeeping & Electromechanical services.
  • To offer class leading services in various required functions under one umbrella
  • Ensure long term savings for you through “Stitch in time save nine” principle
  • Finally create a win-win equation through Service, Value and Trust.

Your expectations from a service provider:

  • A Housekeeping & Electromechanical services provider who can take day to day maintenance & upkeep part efficiently
  • A Professional Company which can consistently match and exceed your expectations in terms of quality, service & value.
  • Professionals who can address to and provide scientific solutions and innovative ways to make your property the best place to  work/reside in.
  • One point source of contact for update and reporting
  • You rest assured and can concentrate on your core business without becoming involved with routine property issues.

Working arrangement – As we see and propose it:

Want us to completely maintain your property?